I have been travelling to many parts of Asia already, and there is still a lot that I haven’t discovered yet, but Bali is the only place where I felt  – nothing can beat this special place. I travelled there 3 times already, spending 4 Months all together without leaving the island or wanting to see other countries. It’s a magical place where I felt, there is no reason to go further. I wanted to go back this Autumn, but Mother Nature and the Agung did not make it possible this time. Maybe this is what made me look back now and wanting to post the series that I captured back in 2016 when I travelled to Bali alone.

      It was a very special time of my life, lot of changes ahead, and I had to clear my mind to be able to make some decisions. During this Month however I never felt alone. Somehow I did not spend a single day without being surrounded by good people or feeling lonely. This was the time where I managed to really really go with the flow and release negativity, and bad thoughts from my life. All the people I met during this Month had a crazy big impact on my life,  and all the friendships I made there were influencing my personality and who I am today.

      There will be more stories coming from Bali soon, I wanted to start with Laura and Ben. This incredible couple from France, living that time in Australia came to visit Bali with friends. They were already married by law, but wanted to express their love towards each other by calling balinese people to bless them. This was such a special event organized by One Stop Event Bali – we had a chance to work together before on my first styled shoot  abroad back in 2014 🙂

      Venue: The Lawn Canggu

      Organizer: Jero Susanti – One Stop Events Bali

      Special thanks to Peter Herman for shooting with me 🙂

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