About me


I’m inspired by the smell of salt from a sea breeze, I feel alive when my toes sink into warm sand and that beautiful, golden light that touches the horizont right before the sun goes down. I’m passionate about windsurfing and sailing. I’m definitely a summer-person. I love biking or just spending time outdoors. Photography has opened doors for my other passion: travelling. I love meeting new people, exploring new countries.


I’m Teodora, and I’m a lucky person  because I do what I love. I document love. However, I wasn’t the type of girl who was born with camera in her hand. Actually I did not pick a camera till I was 25. I never imagined photography would become my profession. My mother is an artist, she does ceramics and my father is an engineer. Even though I tried out different areas: playing the violin, dancing folk-dancing, ballet, and singing, after finishing my studies in economics I started a safe and secure life in a 9-5 job. I was never hoping for anything else, although I sometimes dreamed of it. Then I was asked to photograph my friends’ wedding. And I knew something has started. Something that I could not stop anymore, and I didn’t even want to stop it. With passion, patience and lot of work I found myself at the most amazing locations, photographing beautiful love stories. I’ve photographed more than hundred weddings, travelled to many countries made memories to last a lifetime.


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