I have decided to start new series called Lifestyle Photography. This is not related to weddings or engagements, but offered for couples/families who would like to have a simple photo-shoot to document their lifestyle.

Couples who are in love, and want to have natural and not posed images that reflect the way they live, their environment/hobbies etc. The first session is about Mesi & Brad. We have spent a few days at their amazing home in Ubud, Bali. They don’t really like classic too posed images (me neither) so we decided to shoot just for fun.
Mesi is from Hungary while Brad grew up in Australia. They have travelled a lot before they first met – and that happened at volunteer camp in South-America.

I just loved listening their stories, they visited so many countries, spent so much time away from each other, but they are settled now in Bali, Ubud. Mesi is a yoga teacher at Radiantly Alive – one of the most famous yoga studios of the world, and Brad is practicing every day as well. Their stunning place is not only a home, but open for travellers who look for a cozy airbnb. If you happen to visit Bali, make sure you give them a call! Their wedding in Bali will be in August, my heart is just crying that I can not be there with them due to the wedding season in Europe. Miss you guys!

Xoxo Teo&Gabor

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Lifestyle photography



I am curious about booking a couple photo shoot in December in Ubud as a present for my partner.
Can you please give me packages and prices?
Thank you,