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My Vision as a wedding photographer

When I started wedding photography I knew it was going to be a long journey. I gave up my corporate job in Budapest for my dreams. Now that I’m writing these lines, I think it may be a life-long journey. It doesn’t matter how long because I love to travel.  I know that I’m on the right path.  It’s not just a hobby anymore, it’s my passion, it became my life. Remembering the beginnings I only knew that I wanted to document love shared between people.  My style is creative documentary and editorial style wedding photography with a female touch. What I love about  weddings is experiencing beauty and unique moments. Giving back feelings of your day the way I see it through my camera, the way I would like to see myself as well. My photographs are simple and clean. I love simplicity, – though I’m not into minimal. I don’t like to complicate things. My pictures are not perfect, they are sometimes blurry, sometimes overexposed.  But there is one thing common in them. They are touching me.  I’d like to share my creative space with you and if my photos are touching your soul, keep on browsing here.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Hemingway