Emese&Gábor – this cute couple has invited me to take their engagement photos in Basel, Switzerland, the city where they live and work. The location for their wedding is planned in Badacsony, Lake Balaton, Hungary but they expressed how much they would appreciate to have photos that reflect the lifestyle they have in Switzerland. They love cycling and hiking. Basel, with its location in the Three-Countries-Corner also allows for numerous attractive excursions in Northern and Central Switzerland and in nearby regions of France and Germany.

For the first day of our session we decided to stay in the city, ride bikes, have fun, explore Basel. For our second day of shooting, we went exploring the mountains, the Alps. I have to say it was not easy to carry all my equipment up the hills, but it was well worth it. It was a truly a wonderful experience seeing the mountains during summertime. I usually only get to see them in the wintertime for skiing. I loved the fresh air and to hang out with these two lovebirds. These are the times when I feel very fortunate. Taking photos and creating lasting memories does not seem like work at all.

By the time our little adventure came to an end, I really felt like we became friends. I am looking forward to meeting them again for their special day.

Basel-wedding-photography-teodora-simon_0017 basel wedding photographer Basel-wedding-photography-teodora-simon_9001

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