It’s summertime, which means 4 letters for wedding photographers: Peak

Few years ago I couldn’t even imagine, that there are so many tasks a wedding photographer has to complete, and I was just visioning that they are the luckiest people on earth since they only work one day a week. But we are on GO mode basically 24/7. We are busy with planning, scheduling, shooting, backups, editing photos, ordering books, packing, planning trips, driving, flying, charging, responding emails, social media, paperwork, invoicing etc. It is definitely a full-time business, and it’s hard to deal with it – at least for me – that photography is a daily routine. It shouldn’t be. I started to feel, that on the top of my booked and scheduled shoots I needed something to recharge my batteries as well. Literally I needed something for myself. To create beauty, to feed my soul and to feel the passion again about photography. I was dreaming about this early-morning photoshoot for nights till I had a full picture in my head.

mystic photos of Hévíz

We found the location easily. We knew that the Héviz thermal water is warm enough to create a foggy atmosphere at 5 AM in the morning. It did, we were lucky, as there was no wind at all, and it was so just calm and peaceful everywhere. When we arrived we knew that we had to start shooting ASAP, as the sun comes up very quickly and all this mystic lights would be gone. We had like 1 hour, and during this 60 minutes I received all the gifts I needed – inspiration and power for the upcoming days and weeks. Thank you for the team to support my vision, especially to my husband who called me at 4 AM to say: – So you packed everything, but you forgot your camera at home.

Down by the River

  • Model: Rebeka Simon
  • Make-up/assistance: Vera Kiss
  • Headpiece: Manoluma
  • Lighting: Gabor Sallai

down by the river

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