Elopements are not for everyone. Elopement on a beach means, that you are brave enough to go against the expectations. You don’t care about what others might think. You completely know who you are and you are focusing on yourself. You are not living according to anybody else’s dreams. It’s just you and your partner, and a location that you choose, because there you feel alive. It’s nobody else. No chliches, no stress. No hesitation, no frustration, no time-pressure. It’s only decisions that you and your partner set. That’s it.

And I’m loving it, because it also gives the artist freedom. Freedom, that means for me that I can connect to the newly weds on a deeper level,  as it’s an intimate and laid-back event at the same time. Where I’m being in the background, letting them enjoy their day unfold naturally. We climb on rocks if we want, we visit turquoise beaches in Cyprus and see the sunset at the end of the day.

Kinga and Norbert picked  Sofia Pinter Weddings to organise their elopement in Cyprus few Months before, and I’m always thankful for her for running these weddings so smoothly.

I’m grateful again for this experience, keeping this sweet couple in my heart and remembering how beautiful  this day was.