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Alexandra and Fadi

It’s hard to believe that Alex and Fadi planned their wedding in Austria at the so called Austrian “Tuscany” – Southern Styria – Weingut Holler while living thousands of miles away in Doha! Luckily for them, the expert wedding planner Verena Kindermann at Exclusive Weddings Austria had everything under control and created a gorgeous event for them and their guests coming from all around the world. The couple’s main request was that every detail, from the color palette to the flowers, blend seamlessly with the winery and have a natural and pastel atmosphere. The result was an intimate and emotional garden ceremony and an elegant yet laid-back dinner party with 40 guests overlooking one of Styria’s breathtaking vineyards.

Wedding Location: Weingut Holler

Wedding Planner: Verena Kindermann – Exclusive Weddings Austria

Ceremony: Herzensworte – Heike Schoenenbacher


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